Why Your E-Commerce Store Needs to be Super-Fast – Right Now

Why your ecommerce store needs to be superfast right now

With more and more businesses using the internet to sell their products, site speed can be the difference between making a sale and losing it to a competitor. Over time, these lost sales add up to missed opportunities and revenue.

Why is Load Speed Important for E-Commerces Websites?

Research conducted by Google revealed that a single e-commerce website that loads slowly would lose at least 32% of its traffic.

Visualsoft, in its research, found that just 1% of the top 240 online retailers experience minimal levels of visitor traffic loss.

Meanwhile, 52% are rated poor, taking over nine seconds to load, incurring a minimal visitor loss of 29%.

Even the 35% with a fair loading speed – 6 to 8 seconds –  lost a quarter of its potential visitors. The 12% percent rated as good – four to five seconds – lost between 10-19% of potential visitors.

And you aren’t just losing out on revenue. In statistics collated by OuterBox, 40% of consumers will go to a competing brand if they have difficulty completing transactions on a mobile device.

Further, Kibo Commerce’s research shows that as of Q3 2020, over 75% of all e-commerce website visits occurred using a mobile device, whereas desktops have fallen out of favour at 19% and tablets at just over 5%.

Figure 1: Comparison of mobile versus desktop website visits

These statistics refer to is loading time alone. It doesn’t include potential loss through poor site design, a basket with technical problems, or issues with payment systems. Therefore, demonstrating the sheer gravity of having a slow e-commerce website.

Does Speed Affect My Site’s Performance on Google Ads?

Yes, your site speed does affect your PPC performance. Just because you are paying for Google Ads doesn’t mean you’ll get a free pass. Google uses user experiences to judge its “Ad Rank” metric, so it’s crucial before investing in your next PPC campaign that your website is optimised so you can maximise the return on your investment.

We could go into detail, but this quote from Google does it best:

“If it takes too long for your website to load when someone clicks on your ad, they’re more likely to give up and leave your website. This unwelcome behaviour can signal to Google that your landing page experience is poor, which could negatively impact your Ad Rank. That’s why you want to make sure your landing page load time is up to speed.” – Google

E-Commerce Website Loading at XHost UK

Here at XHost UK, we use a combination of Cloudflare, content delivery networks, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to ensure our customers’ websites are maximising their revenue-generating potential.

You may have a website with many plugins and elements to load, but rest assured, we can help. For more information, please use our contact form.