What Are SSL Certificates and Why You Need One

What are SSL Certificates and Why You Need One

SSL certificates have becoming critical in recent years. Whether you are just starting or have a long-established website, it can be daunting to learn what they are. In this post, we will explain the basics of an SSL certificate and why you need one.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate encrypts information sent between two computers, where one is usually a server that hosts an app or website, creating a secure connection.

In simple terms, these digital certificates use a high level of encryption that helps to ensure data sent to and from the server is as secure as possible. The data can be credit card numbers, personal information, or even social media updates.

A site without a certificate previously will have “HTTP” before it – known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. But when an SSL certificate is correctly installed, all website traffic between the web server and web browser is secure and becomes HTTPS – known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

Most web browsers now demonstrate to their users whether a website is secure by showing a padlock or a padlock with a cross through it to demonstrate whether it is secure or insecure.

We say, “as secure as possible”, because like anything, the risk of being hacked is never zero, but the encryption methods that are used make it nearly impossible for third parties to read as the data is scrambled.

Why Are SSL Certificates Needed?

SSL certificates have become a basic requirement of a website, especially if your website handles sensitive information like payment information, passwords, usernames, or any other information that shouldn’t be intercepted.

To boot, there’s also the bonus of Google favouring HTTPS sites over unsecure HTTP ones, which Google first announce in 2004, a few months after calling for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web. This partly due to security-conscious Google trying to look after its users experience by keeping them as secure as possible.

Your potential customers are also getting more security conscious and have been made aware of fraud and other scam that malicious individuals and organised crime organisations who try to elicit money from their victims.

According to research published by GlobalSign, a world-leading SSL certificate authority, as many as 84% of online shopping customers would abandon a purchase if their purchase was to be sent over an insecure HTTP connection.

There are also legal implications as well. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force into 2018, which requires all data controllers such as website owners to take reasonable steps like utilising SSL certificates to protect the data of its users.

Need SSL Certificate?

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