Go2 Telecom


GO2 Telecom Case Study Screenshot

Go2 Telecom is a telecoms equipment reseller, specialising in video and audio conferencing equipment. After an initial consultation, XHost UK produced a fully featured website that allows Go2 Telecom’s current and future customers to browse their catalogue of products.

Like many B2B businesses, they utilise personal selling, whereby pricing varies from customer-to-customer and upon the quantity of products being traded. While the technical capabilities were there, the difficulty lies in managing pricing for each customer, creating additional administration work for the sales team.

XHost were innovatively met their needs by showing products without the ability to add them to a cart. Customers were still able to search for products using the search bar at the top of the page and sort by category. From there, customers could continue narrowing down the search by showing products with specific features such as having wireless or Bluetooth functionality, for instance. Customers can now search by manufacturer too using the “Manufacturers” from the menu that features at the top of every webpage.

As well as selling products, the site also features Go2 Telecom’s range of services in an easy-to-understand way. The contact section of the site features contact information like email and phone numbers. They appear as clear and obvious buttons, making it easy for initial contact between their brand and their customers with the “Call Us” link phoning their mainline number when tapped on a mobile device. It also features a contact form.

Finally, it also features a form for established customers, linking into their Sage Pay account, which makes it easier for its customers to pay outstanding invoices without bank transfers.

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